Book Review: Melt

Here’s another review that’s way overdue! Procrastination is the thief of time etc. etc. Or the thief of Tim, if you let autocorrect have its own way. It doesn’t help that I’ve developed gallstones, and I’m really not supposed to eat ice-cream anymore (starts weeping softly).

This is a book of fairly unusual ice-cream recipes, dreamt up by Claire Kelsey, who started selling her creations from an ice-cream van, called Ginger’s Comfort Emporium, in 2009. Well, here we go then!

Melt, by Claire Kelsey. Simon and Schuster, 2013.

Ice-cream sensations to make at home

So, why did you buy it?

I love ice-cream and inventing/trying new and interesting flavours. There’s a lot of those in the book, from olive oil to camel’s milk!

Judge a book by its cover…

Stylish, retro, with hints of a carefree alternative lifestyle. Right up my street.

Do you use it?

Ah! Not really. I’ve found I don’t get on with the recipes, especially the no-churn ones. I didn’t by a super-duper, all singing and dancing, extra fancy ice-cream maker, to do no- churn. I find the recipes very over sweet as well. Instead, I use the recipes as inspiration and a starting point for developing my own.

What did you make?

Um…definitely olive oil, which was probably our favourite out of all of them, coriander leaf (interesting, not unpleasant), fresh mint stracciatella (couldn’t taste the mint), and ‘Monkey Gone to Heaven’. Named after a song by The Pixies, that one contains roasted banana, salted caramel and peanuts. It sounds great on paper, but the texture was a bit odd, wasn’t keen on the banana part, and it was very ugly and unappetising to look at. I daresay that’s my fault, though.

Is it still in print?

It doesn’t seem to be.

Is it worth buying?

If you’re adventurous, and experienced with making ice-cream, you’ll probably love it. I wouldn’t recommend to beginners.

Olive oil and sea salt