2017 – Year of the Cauliflower?

Welcome to 2017, fasten your seatbelts and keep arms and legs inside the vehicle. Management cannot be held responsible for financial, emotional or existentital crises. Ticket non-refundable.

2016 was quite a ride wasn’t it! Too much violence, politics and dead celebrities (including two of my favourite musicians- Bowie and Leonard Cohen). This year I’m tempted to stay in bed eating crisps, Mr Crumbs will have to buy me a Teasmade for our anniversary. Speaking of anniversaries, Buttered Crumbs is now two years old. Is the glorious-five-year-plan speeding towards a fruitful end? Umm, not really! Apathy is always stronger than the desire to succeed (for me, at any rate) So many blog posts are mentally composed, but somehow never make it to the writing stage.

So what foodie trends can we expect this year? There seems to be even more interest in healthy eating (fermented veg, seaweed, healthy snacks) and food ethics (zero waste, eating bugs) Regional foods such as Cuban, Filipino and Portugese, and my personal favourite – Nordic Bakeries (mmm, buns!) Non-alcoholic drinks are on the rise, we can expect “tumeric shots”, charcoal activated water (?) and various saps. Actually, I did try some birch sap that we found in Boots (an English chain of shops) it was kind of weird, not nasty but methinks once was enough! What’s wrong with tap water? Or Gin?

“Smart Tech” will find it’s way into the kitchen, but unless they find a way of getting it to actually fill the kettle for you –  because you forgot to do it before going to work, I can’t see it catching on.

Cauliflower continues it’s bid for world domination, passing off it’s sulphurous foulness as real food. Cauliflower is (in my opinion) pretty jolly awful and in no way a sustitute for rice, pasta, bread, meat or anything else.

I’m pretty sure they predict the edible bugs thing every year!


David Bowie’s real name was David Robert Jones.


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