Trend Setting 2018

It’s not even midnight yet, but the fireworks are already heralding the start of a new year. I’m having some late night tea and biscuits, waiting for the noise to die down before going to bed.

What will the savvy food lovers be chowing down on in 2018? Honestly, the predictions haven’t changed much since last year. Fermented foods are still top of the list, good news for kimchi lovers! According to the most searched items on Pinterest, we can expect some gochujang sauce to go with it – both are Korean. I am a huge fan of Korean food, so it would be great to see it becoming more mainstream in the U.K. Gochujang is a paste made from chillies, glutinous rice, soy beans, malt and salt. Mixed with honey, soy sauce and sesame oil, it makes a fantastic dipping sauce or basis for rich stews and stir fries, yummy!

Other top searches include “super” coffee, vegan desserts and mocktails.  Oh, and “souping” will be the new juicing. All a lot healthier than last years beautiful but “diabeetus” inducing “Freakshakes”.

You can keep the fancy pants coffee and vegan desserts, give me kimchi! Once I have a few more photo’s I will be sharing a step by step recipe for super easy kimchi, made with ingredients readily available in any English supermarket.

Thankfully no one has mentioned the edible bugs so far…

2017 – Year of the Cauliflower?

“Chow-Chow” is a Chinese-English pidgin word of unclear origin, shortened to “Chow” – slang, meaning to eat, specifically snacks.

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