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But comfort eating is a bad thing…isn’t it?

It certainly can be. A typical senario might be: You’re feeling blue, so you eat a packet of biscuits. You know you shouldn’t, so you are filled with self loathing and regret. Now you feel blue, so you eat a family sized bar of chocolate and so on and so on…

What if we go about it a different way? My philosophy is this: You feel blue; you think a few biscuits (or whatever it is that takes your fancy) might cheer you up a bit. You take some time to browse a few recipes, curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea. You choose one you like; maybe you need to pop out to the shops to get ingredients? The fresh air and sunshine feel good. You spend a happy couple of hours pottering around the kitchen – baking, tidying up, waiting for the biscuits to cool. At last they’re ready! They may be misshapen, but they smell and taste great. They are so good you want to share them so you put some aside for your partner or children. Maybe you ring up a friend and ask them over for coffee…How are you feeling now?

What if we put some thought, some love, into what we put into our mouths? Share with others. Treat yourself. Feel that you care, and you are worth caring about. Embrace your emotional eating and it might just really help you to feel better!

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