Ice-Cream By Hand

I’m lucky enough to have a super-duper, self freezing ice-cream maker. It’s ace, best kitchen gadget ever, even plays a tune when it’s finished. It took a lot of saving up for though. There are other, less expensive, machines out there, usually the type where you have to put the bowl in the freezer overnight. I used to have one of those, it was fine, but you had to take out one of the freezer drawers to get the bowl in, which was a nuisance.

The good news is, it’s perfectly possible to make ice-cream without anything more complicated than a plastic tub and a fork. Simply follow this incredibly informative infographic:

Please bear in mind that while this method works it will not give you the same results a machine would. The ice crystals will be larger, so the ice-cream will have a grainier texture, with bits of ice in it. It will also set a lot harder, so give it time to soften before serving, or you’ll end up bending the spoon!

The first patent for an ice-cream maker was granted to Nancy Johnson, of Philadelpia, in 1843.